Keyboard & Mouse Suppport (Besides Apple)

More options for different Keyboards would be nice ( mabye one of those keyboards with a touch mouse or roller built in)

While Bluetooth devices are not supported on the AppleTV most keyboards, even non-Apple brands, will be supported.

USB wired or RF wireless are the preferred types.

Will Bluetooth ever be possible on apple tv? I ask because I found kext (IOBluetoothFamily.kext, IOBluetoothHIDDriver.kext) files when I was browsing around Nito Tv.

This article:

seems to suggest it is possible.

It is possible, but the Bluetooth files required for the AppleTV are not available anywhere other than on the original 1.0 AppleTV software.

Does anybody know why this is not possible in the latest AppleTV versions? I have an extra (new) apple wireless keyboard, and this would be really sweet to use in my living room. Is a solution just around the corner? It seems like there should be a strong demand for this, and that it wouldn’t be impossible for aTV Flash developers…

Sorry, does this mean that using an Apple brand bluetooth keyboard is possible right now?

I am successfully using a logitech wireless keyboard & mouse with my ATV
Connected the USB receiver in the back of the ATV and it works!


I would like to connect my keysonic keyboard to my appletv. I tried to install everything and for a short moment “bluetooth” shows up in systempreferences, but I can’t open it. Then after a while it’s gone.

Please help me. Maybe you can tell me the exact steps you made.


I use the USB port for external storage and was wondering what were the KB/Mouse that were used in the validation of this feature?
I am really happy to have this supported but having an available HCL would be nice


Bluetooth devices are not supported but USB or RF wireless devices can be used.

Just to clarify. Can I use the usb port for an external HD and the Logitech dinovo mini keyboard for controlling apple tv?

Mike can you tell us what model you are using just so if I do decide to buy it atleast I have the right model! :slight_smile:


You need the version that comes with a USB dongle and the sync buttons on. I have the Windows version.

You can get the one from this thread:

Another thread on the issue:

Setup of the keyboard:

Yet another thread on the issue:

Wow, if you search you can find!!

Yes you can, but you will need a USB hub if you intend to run them simultaneously. Also, it is recommended to have a POWERED USB hub if your gadgets draw more than 500mA total.

  Hi i have bought the Keysonic 2.4GHZ  RF and got the latest ATV flash on my apple TV.

But apple tv is still not recognizing my keyboard.

Can any one tell me the detailed step to connect it to Apple tv.


many thanks