Keyboard Magic & Search

Just installed aTV Flash 4.1 and I love it. So far I have gotten it to do 99% of what I want and everything is working great.

The only issue I have had:

I am using an RF Wireless keyboard with Keyboard Magic enabled. It works get everywhere except in the Search panels under the original Apple TV Movies, TV Shows, Music and Podcasts. I can use the keyboard to type a search and move around but it will not let me select anything from the righthand side (search results) unless I use the remote (normally pressing return works, but in this case it clears the search criteria and just gives me the Apple TV ‘nope’ beep). Occasionally when I am in the Search panel for any of these features it resets the Finder.

Keyboard is fully functional in You Tube and all the aTV plugins.

Chalk this up to it being a beta release, or am I missing something?


I’m curious to know how you got the wireless keyboard to work. I enabled the Magic Keyboard plug-in, but I don’t know how to setup the keyboard. I have an apple wireless keyboard I want to use. I tried typing on it but nothing. However, I figure you need to do something to set it up with Apple TV. I’m curious how you got yours to work.



Did you get an answer to your question about setting up your wireless mouse and keyboard?


RF wireless keyboards are supported, but unfortunately the AppleTV will not support Bluetooth devices. There are a few compatible wireless keyboards listed here.

I am looking for the same answer, have apple keyboard installed and keyboard magic but nothing, cannot type on aTV????

can anyone explain what I need to do to pair them?

Unfortunately since all Apple wireless keyboards are Bluetooth based, these will not be supported on the AppleTV.