Keyboard controls for iPad Pro smart keyboard & picture settings

The smart keyboard of the iPad Pro also works as a kickstand:

I have noticed using the Netflix app that the keyboard controls are a very comfortable way for basic controls.

I suggest:

spacebar = play/pause
arrow left/right = skip ten seconds backward/forward (command + arrow left/right= one second backward/forward)
arrow up/down = volume
command + arrow up/down = brightness

additionally you could make other keyboard shortcuts:

s = subtitles on/off
d = deinterlace on/off
m = set a marker (command + m = go to marker) or even allow multiple markers with numbers

This could be a really nice feature set.

Also, please allow for some basic picture settings like in VLC (saturation, sharpness, contrast).
At the very least I am hoping for saturation as I have some black and white films with color distortions and I want to be able to to remove all color to full black & white.

Thank you!