Keyboard and Mouse not working

I have decided to try another install of aTVFlash. i am happy that it actually installed this time. after performing all other installs including the smart install, my keyboard and mouse do not function. i have unplugged and restarted the ATV as required but they still do not work.

any suggestion?

same problem…installed the update for the Couch Surfer from Plugin-maintence; keyboard will not work…will try and do a complete re-install of 4.0.3. and see what happens…

i found out that the keyboard/mouse work with XBMC. i do not use that app much. i want my keyboard to work with youtube search and firefox.

this is getting old fast. are there other aTVFlash type apps that work better?

A USB keyboard can be used to control applications that are launched through the nitoTV > Network menu. The Smart Installer will need to be ran to enable this feature.

i used to use the keyboard when typing a search in YouTube. now i can’t. i am getting a bit tired of this product. i really want to like it.

i take it tech support doesnt come around the forum much… :roll:

Unfortunately keyboards are not yet supported for entering YouTube searches in AppleTV 3.x.

darn. they used to be. :frowning: