Ive jb my apple tv2 and after everything successful and no errors and i have xbmc on and installed the zips no probs :slight_smile:
BUT anytime i pick an add -on or near enough anything in xbmc it just boots me to the main screen :( 
Any ideas please ?

What version of XBMC did you install? What version of iOS are you running on the Apple TV?

the latest in both eden beta and 4.4 with my fire core account and atv flashback
I have done 2 for myself no problems,but this one i have done the jb process 5 times now :( 

Do you have your SHSH blobs backed up for 4.3? If so (and if you know how to downgrade) try doing so. I recall a thread about Eden and 4.4.4 on the XBMC site having intermittent issues. However because of SOPA the forums are offline at the moment.

ok matt thanks for your help m8

i had the same problem, last night when night i put to xmbc apps my apple tv keeps on rebooting any ideas? thanks