Keep saying “syncing with iCloud”

I hope someone can help :slight_smile:

We have 2 Apple TVs + phones and tablets all running Latest Infuse 6. We also have a quite large database of movies and tv shows all stored on 2 NAS.

Now the tablets and phones are rarely used for infuse mostly the Apple TVs. But today I decided to update my phone and tablet infuse database…all of a sudden it all went wrong i lost all content and my passwords for NAS was wrong…so I turned off iCloud sync fixed password. Deleted (infuse 5) data from iCloud and started again…for some reason 1 of the apple TVs had saved almost everything (watched episodes etc) so I was lucky and got all the data back on all devices, and iCloud now says its infuse 6 data store.

The problem is though… When the devices are done fetching this and that they keep saying syncing to iCloud.

How long would this normally take? It seems like they are stuck there…and I’m a bit worried that something is messed up…i am also worried about deleting the iCloud data again in case i lose all the watched info (wife will probably kill me if she lose where she is in her series :P)

Should i just wait for it to stop or has something gone wrong? I don’t remember it ever taking this long :S

Sorry if its a long and confusing post :S

Thank you all in advance.


Sorry about that.

The 6.0.7 update, which was released today, includes a fix for a few rare cases where Infuse could lose share passwords.

Once you’ve had a chance to update and Infuse has completed its sync, everything should be back to normal.

Unfortunately - it doesnt seem to have fixed it at all (mine was actually working before todays update) - in fact its seems to have broken it again :frowning:
1 step forward - 2 back :frowning:

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