Keep losing my movies

I have a couple hundred movies scanned into my library and every once in a while (once a week or so) I open up media player on the Apple TV and it says my library is empty. I go in and rescan my shares and all my content comes back. This is particularly a pain because I love using my recently added movies on the main applets scree but each time this happens, my recently added movies gets all screwed up because it shows the movies last added we repopulating th library rather than the last movies I added to my collection (hopefully that makes sense)

So why does this keep happening??

This is happening to me too.

I have to re-scan and fix all wrong info for movies.

Movie info should be stored on the share, not on the Atv. I think, this would prevent this kind of problem.

It is so frustrating. Does anyone know why it is happening or how to prevent it?

Can anyone from firecore comment on why this happens??