Keep hands of my movie names ie 'do not touch them' they're mine, not yours!

Tried to send you this by mail using the contact page. Came up error ‘misspelled url’. So thru the forum:



For unknown reasons my aTV suddenly did not work OK anymore. it showed the menu, screen blanked after 2-3 seconds, showed, blanked and so on.

So I decided to start all over with JB. This has been horrible. I have been trying for 4 hours but ir would not enter DFU. Then I read on a UK site to plug it into the 230V and that did the trick. Maybe an idea to put in your install howto. This meant that I now have the latest 9tethered) IOS and latest Mediaplayer.


Getting all cover art has been a horror! Last time about 90% of all movies got the correct cover art and only 10% needed me to do by hand i.e. making a movie…jpg and then ‘reload metadat’.

This time (same movies!) only about 80% was correct. This in it self is not a problem but the following points really angered me!

  •  several movies got a completely different name. Often names in Swahili, Japanese. This happened in movies with Dutch titles but also with English tttles. Movies whose titles could be found in IMDB without any problem.

Sorry: but you have to keep your hands from the names I have given to my movies. Many are for my grandchildren and they can read Dutch a bit but not a single word English. You have to keep your hands of my filenames!!! This is totally unacceptable.


  • when I did ‘reload metadata’ there often happens nothing meaning a short turning of that white wheel and all was as before. It did not offer me a chance to select from a list. It even did NOT select the correctly name .jpg.

I had to rename such moves to something else.


And such are a few more things. If this had been a fist beta version I would have understood but previous versions did not have these problems and (particularly) did not touch my movie names. I decide how I want to call a movie and if that is “long live MS” than you keep your fingers and do not change it. Not even ‘Apple is better’. Even if you produce the correct covert & description.

Do not forget. This also happened with English titles!



So I have spent now about 6 hours for something (checking, fetching correct cover) that should have not taken more than 1 or 2 hours.