Keep getting spinning wheel on any file I try to play

Did you restart the PC?

Yes, same indexing failed error in the library

When you go to Settings > Shares > Saved Shares > Select the share your files are on > Edit Share > What do you have for “Address”?

Also you may want to verify your user name and password just to cover the bases.

Under ‘address’ is the same as the name you sent in your PM. (not sure if I should put it here ‘DESKTOP-xxxxxxx’) which is the PC it’s connected to.

Username and password for what?

sorry sent a PM back by mistake

No problem, That was James that sent you the PM and he’ll see it too.

Don’t you have a user name and password set up to access the files on the PC? If you’re just set up as a guest then it’s okay, but if you have the security set up on the PC for SMB sharing you may want to make sure something didn’t change with the updates and restarting.

The name matches what you have in the PC settings? You don’t have to put what it is here but make sure that what Infuse has is what the PC is actually labeled in it’s settings.

Yeah username and password are correct, Just retyped them to be sure and no change. Still get the indexing failed error and cant’ do a speed test or play a file.

The username and password listed there would be for your PC.

However, the message Infuse is getting is it can’t locate the device - so it doesn’t have a chance to login.

I would recommend restarting all devices, not just the router. This can help clear up issues like this, in some cases.

There have been some other cases where installing Windows updates disables SMB sharing, so if you’ve installed an update recently you may need to check and ensure sharing is still enabled (or re-enable it).

I restarted everything with no change.
No updates since a few days ago when everything was working correctly.

So if the infuse iPad app fetched the library data from my pc without issue does that offer any clues regarding the Apple TV failing to do so?

Actually, it may be.

Can you try unplugging the ethernet cable from the Apple TV and connect via Wi-Fi instead (using the same Wi-Fi network as your iPad).

Tried wifi. Same issue. Now VLC isn’t working either. I’m completely stumped.

When you go to Settings > Shares

Do you see your PC under the “Available Shares” section below the Saved Shares?

If so could you try adding it again from the Available Shares?

It’s there. I can get to my library which still exists. It just can’t update or play anything off of it.
I was going to try deleting it and hoping it shows up again.

If it’s there in the Available shares you can create a new one from there.

If you manage to create a new share and Infuse finds it and scans it you may end up with double entries BUT once you’ve verified that you can play the videos from the new share you can delete the old share and Infuse will keep only the new and will also maintain your library.

Don’t delete the old one until you get the new one working.

Ok well I deleted the old share hoping I could re add a new one but I ran into an error trying to connect.

Just to try and troubleshoot further I connected Plex from my pc to my Apple TV easily so the problem doesn’t appear to be the network or Pc share settings.

Well where you’re at now I’d say to delete the Infuse app from the ATV and reinstall it.

When you do reinstall it, don’t try to add anything just launch Infuse and go straight to the settings > library and watch the messages. It should restore from icloud after a bit.

I’m not sure what you mean. What’s going to restore from icloud? My media isn’t stored in icloud.

You’re media isn’t but the share info is and as long as it’s working on another device and you have icloud sync turned on all of them the ATV will rebuild using the working info in iCloud.

The reason to start with a fresh install is that it’s possible that one of the recent updates got corrupted in the install process.

Ok, after an exhaustive and frustrating process of reading forums troubleshooting my network, PC, factory resetting my AppleTv and looking high and low for answers I believe I’ve solved the issue and I’m posting here in case anyone runs into the same thing.
During the latest infuse update for whatever reason, some of the setting were affected and led me to not be able to access or play anything in my library.
Once I deleted my old shares and created a new one, the KEY setting that needed to be changed was setting SMB to LEGACY on the infuse app. That solved the problem and infuse is up and working again.
I am almost 100% certain when I initially set up my shares I did not adjust the SMB setting so it must have glitched somehow during the update.
SMB1 is turned off by default on Win10 for a reason, it’s a massive security vulnerability so anyone suggesting you enable it on your PC should be ignored.
I hope this helps someone save two days of their life looking for answers to what seemed to be a very simple issue.


Glad you got it running again!

Just FYI, The SMB setting should have been defaulting to “Auto” which will select the highest compatible level of SMB protocol that is usable. If yours was set specifically to SMB 1 that must have been an install glitch.

Legacy will connect using an alternate SMB implementation which is compatible with certain devices (SMB2 and SMB1 only).

Again, glad you have it running and thanks for letting us know what you found! :+1:

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