Keep Buffering Every Few Minutes

Im not sure if this is a software update or something else but video keeps buffering every few minutes, any solutions or suggestions out there, Thanks

Are you using Wi-Fi or ethernet?

Wi-Fi will provide faster maximum speeds, but having poor signal will result in buffering from time to time. Ethernet should be fast enough to play most content, and will provide a more consistent connection.

I have been using Infuse for a over a month on wifi and everything was perfect until 3-4 days ago, was there an update to tvOS app or Infuse on Apple TV that could be causing this? I have raised a ticket and sent over the diagnostic log, will appreciate any info to fix this, Thanks.

I’ve had buffering issues off and on for a while. I have two Apple TV 4’s in different areas in the house, and strangely one is far worse than the other (one plays fine, the other one usually can’t get through a few seconds). However the streaming issue on the one Apple TV also is present when using the Plex app, leading me to think this is some strange software/firmware issue with the Apple TV. The strange part is I use it to also stream DirectTV NOW which never has issues. Not sure if it may have to do with 2.4ghz vs 5ghz band wifi possibly.

There have been 3 updates released in May, though nothing specifically changing how streaming works.

You might try 5.4.2 which was released yesterday to see if anything changes. If not, sending in a new report after updating could be helpful.

It can depend a lot on the type of videos that are being streaming, and the Wi-Fi signal quality. Some apps will downgrade video quality based on the network connection. While this may not be noticeable in some cases, it will provide a steadier stream since the required bandwidth is lower.

FWIW, in our tests we’re able to stream very large Blu-ray files (~40GB) with most decent Wi-Fi connections - 802.11ac 5Ghz having the fastest start times of about 1 sec.

Ok thanks. On the Apple TV with 30+ GB blu-rays it streams almost instantly as you said, but the other Apple TV doesn’t work. May be some interference from something because it’s only 20-30ft from the router. Either way I’m confident it has nothing to do with Infuse.

Looks like we are back in business, played a 15 gig file the other day and it was almost flawless (maybe 1-2 pause, could be anything but going back to title page and playing again fixed it instantly). Thanks for the replies, let’s keep “Infusing” lol