Keep audio stream when pause, fwd, rwd, chapter selection change

Great app, this is more a suggestion due to minor annoyance:
I have Apple TV 4k connected to a receiver, audio set to AUTO (bitstream)
Some receivers have different amps for 2 channel vs 5.1/7.1 channels, so they select them based on bitstream.

When watching a surround movie (DTS-HD, TRUEHD), the playing is perfect, but when I fwd, rwd, chapter select, infuse for some reason changes or kills the audio outbound making the receiver “audibly click” selecting audio amp defaulting back to 2 channel, or no audio.

Can Infuse keep the audio bitstream with like a zero volume when a user user pause, fwd, rwd, chapter selects? This will keep receivers from changing amps constantly if a user navigates a movie. This is just a suggestion to keep that “polish” of infuse.

Hmm, so say this happens when the Infuse’s Audio Output option is set to Auto? Is the Apple TV option set to Best Quality Available, or something else?

We’ve seen this take place with some receivers, but it has only been present when Infuse is set to Passthrough.

Infuse Audio = Auto
Apple TV 4K = Default, Best Available