Keep all menu etc within the 2.35:1 picture

Is that possible?

Else with a 2.35:1 projector screen the menu items and ‘timeline’ are always off the top and bottom of the screen…

Just a thought



I totally support this. I was used to work for a company that built home theaters. The majority of the screens had the 21:9 aspect ratio. The ATV is, except for Blu-ray Players, also the most popular streaming device in those environments. But it’s too bad, that there is no fluent aspect ratio integration. It would be great if Infuse would support that aspect ratio “native”. I’m pretty sure that this is possible, even with the Apple (HDMI-)limitations of the device.

But keep in mind, that there are two ways, a 21:9 projection can be implementet: The “Zoom Method” or the “Lens Method”. But the “Zoom Method” is more common, because it’s implementet in most modern Home Theatre projectors and therefore a support for that method would be a little bit more important.

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Surely been discussed before. Is there an plan for Infuse to be aware of 1:2.35 content and show the top and bottom menus WITHIN that aspect ratio? Even a hard coded option would work.

If you have a CinemaScope screen the menus are off the top and bottom of it !

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i guess we’re in the minority!!

Hi - new user just joined to ask for this specific feature. I use a dedicated 1:2.35 screen and would be very keen to have the controls ‘on screen’ rather than in the black bars. I have a lumagen which auto-adjusts the screen to 16:9 when I click the remote, but it takes a few seconds and is distracting.


Is there anyway of setting the interface on screen for infuse as widescreen?
I use a 2.35:1 projector screen and it would be wonderful if I could get infuse to fill this rather having bits missed off the top and bottom

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I’d like that too! I also have a 21:9 screen and for content in that aspect ratio it’s not cool you have no access to the menus on top or the timeline.

That’s why I built a OSMC with a Raspberry Pi and a 21:9 theme. Sure that device isn’t that smooth to control like an ATV and Infuse but so I have all information inside the active 21:9 frame. If Infuse would add full 21:9 support that App would made a big impact in the home theatres community.

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I can’t see it being too hard to do as all you are doing is masking the top and bottom.

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Another vote from me!

This would be nice

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