Keenetic + Synology + infuse remote


Could you please tell me if anyone here uses the combination of NAS Synology + Infuse + Apple TV + Keenetic like I do?

I have a Keenetic Hero (KN-1011) EU at home, let’s call it - NAS
Everything works successfully at home.
In the Infuse settings, I entered the IP address of the Synology, added the Films and Serials folders, and have been enjoying it for a year now.

I am soon buying the same Keenetic Hero (KN-1011) EU for the office, let’s call it
At the office, just like at home, there will be an Apple TV. I will install Infuse and really want to watch the movies stored on my home NAS in the office.

I read the instructions here: Streaming Away From Home – Firecore Support
It is clear that the easiest option for me is to install Synology DiskStation.

If I understand correctly, after installing this program, I will be able to connect to my home Synology NAS from the office.

Now, two questions:

  1. What settings do I need to set in Infuse on the Apple TV in the office?

  2. As I understand it, it’s better to disable “iCloud sync.” Since the “home” Infuse connects directly to the NAS at, and if iCloud sync is enabled, Infuse at home will also add the storage settings from the “office” Infuse.

Thank you!

You need to enable two services in NAS Synology:

  1. quickconnect
  2. DDNS.
    After that, you enter the quickconnect address in the WebDAV protocol in the infuse in the office.
    Even in the router, you will make a forwarding (forwarding) of ports 5005-5006 so that the router can access infuse from the Internet. Do not forget to specify port 5005 in the advanced tab in infuse when adding WebDAV in the office.
    Потоковое вещание вдали от дома – Служба поддержки Firecore
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