Justice League Episode Metadata Confusion

First time poster here, been using Infuse for six months and it’s been super awesome. Running into issues with some shows not being in DVD order, but I see there’s a post for that.

In this instance, the TVDB aired order, still reflects the order that I ripped my discs and named the files, but I’m still getting differing episode information from TVDB in Infuse.


Could you provide a screen cap of the file names and directory structure?

Also, Infuse uses TMDB for metadata on TV shows not TVDB. That may be part of the problem.

Here is the filename I set, however. I checked TMDB and sure enough it is incorrect there, and matches what I have in Infuse currently.

TMDB has a feature where you can select an alternate episode order for some series, and this is a feature we plan to support in a future version.

You can follow this thread for updates.

Another update, it seems TMDB consolidates the first three episodes into 1. If there’s no way to correct this, I can just merge the first three mkv.'s into one and update the episode file names.

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