Just want basic folder display

I am trying to use infuze with a seagate wireless drive. I get connected, but the display of folders is not what I want. I turned off fetching metadata in hopes of getting just a list of folders that I could open and select the file from the folder. No matter what settings I use, I still get metadata displayed for my files and folders. I don’t want this, I just want to see folder icons, open the folder, and see a list of files in the folder. Metadata is cool, but fetching it is way too slow. Also, even with metadata fetching turned off, infuze still fetches some data when I start it up. Right now shows 34MB of metadata. If I clear it, it just reloads it on the next startup. Help?

Also, even though I have fetching and embedded metadata turned off, infuze still insists on fetching metadata when I open a folder.

I am running infuse pro v4.3.3 on an ipad

One of the main draws of Infuse is it’s rich media experience, though you can opt to browse files through a barebones list view by accessing the share through the ‘Add Files’ menu. Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner to access this menu.