Just upgrade 6 to Pro monthly subscription

Still it does not load any files from my NAS on DLAN

Sorry for the trouble.

Can you provide a bit more info on the error you are seeing?

Does your device support streaming via SMB, NFS, or WebDAV? If so, these will usually be much better options that DLNA.

Thanks for your kind response. I have already done pro upgrade:) I guess devil was in details, once I was able to make sense of set up. Now I can playback my files fine :slight_smile: But SL MP4 DV files are no go on my ATV 4K. I can play DV from amazon, Netflix and disneyplus fine :slight_smile: Can I use Infuse6 pro subscription on my 2019 NVIDIA. shield too? I thought you have already released DV firmware upgrade to your player ?

A single subscription can be used on all your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV).

Infuse is not currently available for Android. Sorry.

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