Just signed up again for Pro, cant get anything to play

I got fed up with the plex audio sync issues, so I signed up for infuse Pro again on my apple TV. i am accessing from my inside my home, I’m not even remote.

With relay turned off, I can’t even get to my plex files.
With relay turned on, I can get to my files, but get an error saying relay is active.
When I try to play a file from my Infuse library, I just get an error saying error occurred loading this content.

i hhad used infuse on my apple tv in the past with no issue connecting to my plex server

Perhaps this might help:

Streaming from Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin

This doesnt help. I have already added my plex server.

There’s a troubleshooting section.
This is part of it (below); other parts my also help.

I am seeing an error about Plex Relay being active

Plex Relay is a service provided by Plex for remote streaming. It has a low bandwidth cap, so using it can lead to playback issues.

It’s possible to avoid using this by disabling the service on your device, and more info on some ways to do this can be found here.

If you are streaming locally, Plex may be incorrectly routing traffic through its relay service (which is not necessary on a local network). In this case, you may try restarting your Plex server device.

It would seem there may be something related to the network that is blocking local access. If you can submit a report from your device (and post the 5 digit code here) we can look deeper into this.

Ok, reverting back to the previous version of plex solved everything. So dont use PMS, it has a bug that makes the server seem remote, even when it’s not.

Looking forward to Infuse again. Plex cant fix their audio sync issues.

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Glad you figured out what was the cause. Just curious, have you thought of using Infuse without the plex server and letting Infuse do the metadata support?

Hey James. I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. But I could never figure out how to add my shares. SMB? My media is on an external drive attached to my MacBook Pro. How do I find out what the username/password is for those media volumes? I never know what to put for that in the infuse app. Also what about collections? I like the smart collections I made in plex.

I don’t know if you’ve seen it but there’s a good users guide that gives some details on how to set up an SMB share on a mac.

Thanks. I added my media successfully through SMB to infuse. Then I added a “movies” and “tv shows” folders to my favorites in Infuse. When I select those favorites, I cant sort?

It looks like I have to go through the “library” section, then select “movies” then choose a sort…

Correct, but you can add the sorts from the library like “All Movies” to your home screen as a favorite. You can also add other specific sorts as favorites from the library to the home screen like specific genres, age ratings, release decade, etc. There’s a users guide that will walk you through this also.

Ok thanks. Here is what I see after letting infuse finish scanning. My plex server is off.

Library → all TV shows: it’s showing duplicates. for example “Seinfeld 1 Season” and then again “Seinfeld 1 Season” or “The Wire 5 seasons” and then another “The Wire 5 seasons”.

Library → All Movies: It says “2 items” under every movie

Is this because I added my plex server? its showing everything twice (smb shares and Plex?) Even though plex server is currently off?

Clicking Movies folder on my favorites: no issues, looks good
Clicking TV Shows folder on my favorites: Instead of having one icon for a show, which I would select and then see each season…it just shows an icon for every season of a show right off the bat. kind of annoying.

Yes, even though your server is turned off Infuse still has it in the library.

I think if you go to the Settings > Library and there deselect the Plex server it should then show only the SMB share.

I don’t run plex but I believe this will get you what you want.

what about this part: Clicking TV Shows folder on my favorites: Instead of having one icon for a show, which I would select and then see each season…it just shows an icon for every season of a show right off the bat. kind of annoying.

You can also go to the library and add the “All TV Shows” to your favorites on the home screen and this will let you browse like you want.

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