Just purchased and installed aTV Flash, I have a quick question if anybody can reply asap before i get too impatient lol!

I was wondering if ALL of the Extras work? I just installed couch surfer, looks cool! havent even tried it literally just installed it, and I want to make sure all the extras (including 3rd party ones) work before i install them???

I believe everything you see in the maintenance menu should work for your version. And no biggy very easy to uninstall anything you don’t want.




thanks for the quick reply! and thats good to know so even XBMC or whatever its called (lol sorry new to this, bought my apple TV yesterday) will work?

If it’s in the maintenance menu you can be pretty sure yes… 

See this too for more details about the latest Seasonpass



ok ONE more question lol, just installed nitoTV… should i just click update all at the bottom or not update that stuff because most of it i dont know what function it serves at all and i dont want to break my aTV for no reason, most of that seems like Developer stuff…


I’m at the same place you are. I wouldn’t update all. Only the programs I am installing. I have a question for you. Did you install XMBC under NitoTV yet? If so, did it install correctlly? Do you see: File, Library and add-ons under videos? I am getting a error in the lower right side. Saying,  script fail. I can’t figure this one out.


Ok so I got it to work, exit the xbmc thing and go to sleep now, leave it like that for like 10 minutes and try again, I’ve been searching and steaming movies since I posted that message (figured it out right after I posted) now icefilms work flawlessly, also got free cable and the pron one that has like 30 sites, all work flawlessly, IM LOVING THIS ATV!!!

Oh ya and I got xbmc from the aTV flash

Good for you!! Help Me I want to be in love too. When you say go to sleep… do you mean unplug the atv for 10 minutes? Also, you got XMBC through Flash and not by SSH?