Just numbers under series covers


I’m not sure if this was just before the new update, but now I see under all my series covers only numbers instead of the series name

I’m having the same issue!!

The same here since january or 6.2.5 i dont know, i update to 6.2.6 but same issue. I use infuse since two year and no problem since. With plex name of series are like “plex.1245a78…” with good covers and good content. And when i use smb name of series are “1245896” with good content and covers too. Its very strange because this bug appear when i use the tv shows stuff through the board, but when i choose my serie folder and pin it as a favorite on the board, the name of the shows are correct. Name Bug appear only when i use the pink button tv shows. I have try everything, clear cache, reinstall everything but no way to do it like before. Can u do somethng ? For those who have the same problem do this as a temp fix go to the setting and pin your folder as a favorite on your board.

There is no problem with movie so i think its a problem of “match” with the integrated tv shows pink button.

Sorry, this is a bug which crept into the 6.2.5 update, and is affecting items which appear on the Apple TV home screen.

We’re working on a fix for 6.2.7.

Hi It’s not Only on appletv also on iphone that there is This bug

Can you post a pic of where you are seeing this?

The pic

And with smb It’s Only numbers like 1357…

And here is anorher pic when i pin the folder as a favorite everything is fine It’s very strange

A workaround you can do for now is to disable the ‘Show Filenames’ option in Settings.

I’m having the same issue on my iPad Pro.

This has been resolved for the upcoming 6.2.7 update, which is due out soon.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks a lot ?

The 6.2.7 is out but there are still numbers under series covers, in top shelf view…

fixed for me

If you are seeing numbers in 6.2.7 you may need to use the Edit option to reload metadata for the affected series.

It’s seems that on appletv the problem is solve, but on the phone there is no More name under series and movies even when i check « Show filename »

I Have made a fresh clean install but no more name under movies and series even with the « favorite trick » that i was using before

This is expected, as Infuse does not display the series names on the artwork.

If you navigate inside a series, you would see the season numbers overlaid on the artwork.