Just Jailbroke 5.3 - Do I now need to back up SHSH Blobs?

Hi All,


I’ve just upgraded to 5.3. Should I now back up the SHSH blobs before Apple stops signing? I’ve never done this before so really need a step by step. I’m hoping that a jailbreak (unteathered) will come for 6.x soon but I dont want to risk losing the jailbreak when it has stopped being signed.

Any help apreciated.

I have about 5 Apple TV2s.  I have not been able to backup 5.3 on anyone one of them.  If anyone has a solution please post.

I tried using aTV Flash, Tiny Umbrella, and Ifaith.  All failed.



This is a huge problem waiting to happen as soon as Apple stops signing 5.3.

Meanwhile it’s quite easy, but it takes some effort.

Use iReb to put the ATV into pwned DFU mode.  Then use iTunes to restore to 5.3 using a vanilla IPSW -> Shift + Restore (in Windows).

Next use iFaith to dump the blobs for 5.3.

Now use Seasonpass to jailbreak on 5.3.

Simples! (Takes longer than the lazyboys and amateurs may be prepared to spend though).

Pardon my stupidity but I am new to this. I’ve just JB’d yesterday and wanted to pre-empt any issues that might force me to update the software when apple stops signing 5.3.

What is a vanilla ispw? Do you have any download links?

Your Seas0npass folder will have a subdirectory called Downloads.  It’s in there. You need to pwn with iREB beofre restoring to a vanilla 5.3.