Just installed XBMC and everything from aTV Flash but theres no Icefilms, does it work with 4.4.4???

please help, this is the main reason I bought an apple tv, well that and playing games like real racing 2 and modern combat 3 which i now know only work with the 4(s) (how lame is that!)

You don’t give much info. Did you go through the whole Icefilms install process? Check the IF site for a tutorial.

I installed Navi-X from one of the unofficial plug ins and it has a site scraper for IceFilms.info that works perfect.


Hope this helps. Sorry can’t remember which plug in it was. I installed them all and then went through them to pick which plug ins I wanted. 


Icefilms is working here in XBMC. First open a SSH connection with the Apple TV and:

  1. put the repo file (zip file) on the Apple TV and install as add-on (http://www.funkyspacemonkey.com/icefilms-xbmc-plugin-appletv-2-stream-full-movies-tv-shows-megaupload)

  2. Upload with the newest content (now 1.0.21) and install http://www.windows7hacker.com/index.php/2011/04/how-to-setup-xbmc-with-icefilms-on-windows-7-alternitive-way-to-netflix-to-stream-movies-and-tv-shows-for-free/


Icefilms now works. Getting SSH access can be tricky, my router would not allow me access to the Apple TV from a wired PC. Using a laptop with wifi solved the connection refused error.




I figured out where to get it, got it through xbmc

Here you can read a tutorial to install Icefilms on your Apple TV; The Random Effect: How to get IceFilms on a Jailbroken AppleTV 2