Just got ATV2 with 4.4.3 (3323)


I just got an ATV2 with 4.4.3 (3323) on it and ATV Flash 2.4

How would I go about updating the firmware to 5.3? I’m guessing if I did it in the ATV software it would put an up to date firmware on which we wouldn’t want?!

I’ve taken a good look through all the Nito Tv settings and can’t see where the option to enable/disable apple updates is- the guy who sold me the ATV2 installed ATV Flash and set up various things, including XBMChub wizard (which I hate and would love to replace with a regular XBMC)

I am an ATV Flash owner anyway too btw…

So, pls could someone advise ;

  • where and how to get firmware 5.3 from?

-whether I would need to reset the ATV2 in order to update the firmware?


Thanks very much!


You need to rejailbreak the unit using seas0npass 0.9.5 Consequently, your addons will be deleted on XBMC.

Thanks Marlon!

BTW, does ATv Flash install a regular XMBC, or does it install XMBC Hub Wizard?




ATv Flash will install a regular XMBC.

p.s. to ease your worries about installing 5.5 only, right click the create ipsw icon in seasonpass and choose 5.3.