Just got an Apple TV2, but now what?

Of course I want it to be jailbroken. Apple TV version is 4.4.4 (3330) and I am not sure to which version I should update it to. I believe that the newest isn’t jailbreakable yet.

Is it possible to choose which version to update it to?


I think the first thing to do will be to use a tool like iFaith to save you blobs for your current 4.4.4 release.   If you can succeed in that then you will be able to jailbreak staying on the 4.4.4 release.   You can then think about going to another release later.    The key thing to remember is that you can only go to a release that is not the latest if you already ahve saved blobs for that release.   Since 5.2 is not currently jailbreakable you will almost certainly not want to go that release yet.

Thanks, I will look into iFaith and take it from there.