Just bought AppleTV 2, can I use aTV Flash black?

I have an Apple TV 2 and am looking to purchase your fantastic product software to release it’s true potential!

However after doing some research on your site and updating to the latest Apple firmware does that mean I cannot use aTV Flash black? :blush:

It depends on what version of Apple software is currently installed on the ATV2. If it is version 5.0 then the answer is not at the moment. We are waiting both for a jailbreak to appear for the 5.0 software, and for a release of the FireCore software that supports the new User interface of the 5.0 software. Hopefully neither of these are far off.

If you have earlier Apple software installed then it is possible to jailbreak that version of software and use the existing release of FireCore software. However the procedure for doing the jailbreak is quite complicated now that Apple no longer sign any software earlier than 5.0. If you want to attempt such a jailbreak then there are various threads in this forum giving the (lengthy) list of steps on how to proceed.

Hi all,


I recently saw a Firecore email update to advise that the aTV2 is now compatible with latest Apple firmware,  is this correct?


I would hate to go ahead and purchase to only found it does not work.


If all ok does that mean I can watch .avi video files?


Is there a web browser built in also?


Many thanks