Just bought an ATV2 with many saved blobs, which version is best?

I don’t think think my ideal answer exists and will probably have to make some compromises, but any input is appreciated.


The blobs saved with my newly bought ATV2 are:



5.1.1 (5.0.1)

5.1.1 (5.0.2)



6.0 (5.1)

6.1 (5.2) 


Want list:


Native ESPN app (preferably not the XBMC one)

Easy to use, built in Plex that discovers servers without the need for the DNS redirect and the https patch



What is the best option? I am a geeky and can handle tethered boots, I can handle PLEX with the dns redirect and patch and what not, but I want to make it as easy to use as possible for my wife. Its nice to know that if it crashes, easy reboot; PLEX just works without a hack or DD-WRT hack. Anyways, if someone has the ideal solution that is easy enough for a non-technical wife to do, that’d be awesome.


My guess is the best compromise is to just go with 6.1 (5.2) live with the tethering, I get my native ESPN, I run the latest PleXBMC… but if someone has a more awesome suggestion, please let me know. Thanks!

Lucky you. :slight_smile:

If Plex is a must you’ll want to install 5.0.2, otherwise 5.2 will be your best bet. Both these are untethered.

Thanks. 5.2 was best.

Untethered. Used a .plist hack I found on the site force the new app updates including ESPN. PleXBMC is awesome. Wife is getting the hang of XBMC too. We didn’t have cable before and now we just never will. Thanks again.

Speaking of which, where did that thread go? It was a sticky thread to get the newer apps like ESPN and Hulu pushed from Apple. I can’t find it anywhere anymore.



…edit, never mind, found it