Just asking : HDR on a SDR display looks better than an SDR mastered movie

something i have seen only with infuse,probably because all other apps and software dont make a good job at playing hdr stuff on an sdr display i reckon ,such as vlc for example

having tried the two releases of a same movie,one in sdr and the other in hdr ,i feel like the colors and all look better with the HDR one,even tho my display is just a regular 8bits sdr display i think (lg ul650)

does it make sense ?

is infuse implementing something like Simulating HDR colours ? i think that works in Windows default player too if HDR isn’t enabled in settings

HDR Tone mapping I believe, implemented in 7.3.

intersting thanks you …

although I’m on Mac with external display so idk if that applies

Looks like it may.
7.3 for Mac


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