Just a bit to perfection...

Hello Everyone!

I’ve just decided to post my thoughts. After I spent a few hours choosing best app to export movies from my PC and play them on my new iPad Air, I decided to give Infuse a try. Well, it’s really one of the best apps in AppStore right now. And I’d like to see this app as one of the best in the next months and years!

One of the most annoying inperfections of this app for me:

-Tried to upload many .mkv files and none of them played a sound. Just got info that no sound can be played for this video.

-No option for .txt subtitles? Really? Why not?

-Translations. I’m from Poland and this is really bad to read this clumsy translation from google translator. Too many mistakes. I can help translating all in polish and can guarantee a perfect result. Just give me an info.


I will edit this post if I find more mistakes.

Thanks for your feebback…a few thoughts on each are below.

This may be a DTS audio issue. DTS audio is one of the top things we’re working to add to Infuse.

Planned for an upcoming version.

Infuse 2 will include a number of improvements, a much better Polish translation is one of them.[/quote]