jumpy video

Why is my video jumpy? My audio is fine

Do you mean that it is lagging when your watching movies ? avi files espescially ? I have the same problem wathcing avi files. I am able to watch one episode of 40 minutes and then after, the 2nd episode suddenly starts to lag a little bit, but the audio is fine …

I did a full restore and it is still doing it ?

I did try to watch ATV files and it doesn,t seems the recreate the problem, is there anyopne having a solution for us please ?

Thanks in advance

I would get this when using mplayer in nito, but usually it would happen after I watched one show, usually never the first one, but every one after. It’s like there was a memory leak that kept getting worse and worse.

Which applications do you currently have installed on the AppleTV? You can view the installed items in the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

I don’t hve manage plugins in maintenance menu ? But I only have Firefox and Hotspot shield installed…

I am also having this problem. I start to notice it at about the 30 minute mark of any .avi and it progressively gets worse the longer it plays. I also notice it boils over to the menu. As the too long file name scrolls, it too jumps and hesitates. I have the files hosted on the aTV itself for the test. I have also notice it happening when the files are located on an external hard drive. Here are the plugins I have installed:


All plugins show as up to date.

The current version of AirControl has a conflict when using certain features on the AppleTV. This can result in the less than ideal performance you are seeing.

We hope to have a new version that corrects this problem soon, but in the meantime if you’re not using AirControl you can uninstall it by highlighting it in the Manage Plugins menu, and pressing the right arrow. You will be prompted to confirm the removal, and restart the Finder for the settings to take effect.

Where can I found manage plug ins ? In maintenance I only have install extras / settings / about. In those 3 choices I don’t have manage plugins.

You must not have the latest version of aTV Flash, which version is on your Apple TV?

I did my update and it seems like if I don’t have my lagging problem watching avi files…

By the way I did not installed Air control

Hi, After updating everything I too am going the same, and I am going with two apptv, i don’t know,I do not understand, was more stable previous version 3.6.1. but how can I return to that version.