Juddery Videos

hi there i have got a western digital network harddrive that i have ripped all my dvd’s to using mac the ripper no when i go into nito tv to the hard drive and to the dvd folder i see the dfferent names of all my dvds when i press on one it says to pay movie .

and at this point its like the movile cant come down quck enough it is very jerky and un watchable

has anyone get any ideas on how i could fix this



P.s the hard drive is network only not usb

Is your AppleTV connected with a wired or wireless connection? DVD files are best streamed through a wired connection.

It is connected via a wired connection

I think it’s either to do with the hard drive not spinning fast enough or maybe some codac issue

You may try copying one of the files to the AppleTV and see if it plays properly.

yes it works fine either with a usb hard drive or sshing to the apple tv so i guess it the hard drive

You may try switching the ethernet or USB cable. This may be a simple fix.