Judder on panning shots

Hi guys, I’m watching movies on C8 OLED. I just want to get confirmation that screen judder is normal on slow panning shots in the background, and that nothing can be done about it? If I get it right, until there are more frames in the video, I guess motion processing is the only available workaround for judder because of super fast pixel response of OLED panels. I can always turn TruMotion/Motionflow ON to get smooth panning shots, but Soap Opera effect is a consequence. Is this correct that to get “movie feel” all motion processing shloud be OFF and some degree of judder is normal on that kind of shots?


One thing to check is that you have both ‘Match Dynamic Range’ and ‘Match Frame Rate’ enabled in Settings > Video and Audio > Match Content.

With these enabled, the Apple TV will be able to output 24Hz video which should allow for much smoother playback when viewing film based content.

More info on how this feature works can be found here.

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