.jpg sometimes shown

In many folders I have .jpg’s most are from the time I used Xbmc and in case the later did not find (the correct) cover/fanart. Most of the time (but not always) the filename is identical to to movie filename.

These .jpg’s do not show up in the file list (list view or grid view) and that is fine with me.


However there is one subfolder that is an exception. Here the .jpg’s do show up (list view & grid view) and if selected act as a kind of playlist for all .jpg’s within that subfolder.


To me this is a bug.  Or???


In v1.2 the problem is still there and only within 1 subfolder.  What could be causing this???


In the folder you’re seeing the .jpg files, do you have any matching media files, or does the folder only contain image files?

Normally if you have movie.mp4 and movie.jpg in a folder, the movie.mp4 file will be shown, but the movie.jpg file will be hidden.

If you have the movie.jpg file without a matching video file the image file will be visible.


They indeed do not match movies titles within that folder. Problem solved.