jerky playing

Can anyone assist please.

I have a Apple TV 2 with ATV Flash.   I have my movies on an Apple Time Capsule and also three hard drives connected to the Capsule.  When I try and playback from the media player or XBMC or Plex all of the videos are very jerky.

I thought initially it was because it was being slowed down because it was accessing the hard drives connected, however disproved this by copying a film to the capsule and the same thing happening.

I have tried both TS video files and also ISO files with no difference.

I have also tried both Ethernet and also wireless conections.

The time capsule is connected to my router, however as I said its jerky over ethernet (anyway the ethernet cable go's directly into the time capsule)

Please help.  This was ironically the main reason for buying an ATV2/ATVFlash.


David :(

Hi David!

Sadly that seems to be still an open problem. I tried to stream my DVDs from my QNAP 509Pro NAS which is even way faster then the Time Capsule and still all DVDs play extremely jerky. Sadly nobody could yet say if it's just the hardware of the ATV2 that is not fast enough, either CPU for decoding MPEG2 or the network interface is just to slow. If this is the case there won't be much improvement and for me the ATV2 would be quite useless.

If it's just software tweaks needed to speed up the MPEG2 decoding or the AFP Network code then I hope it won't be too long for it being usable.


All I have to add is that I used to have a Mac Mini connected to my TV and could stream films without any problem from the time capsule.  Even the firecore video shows videos streaming successfully from the capsule.

This is no good at all!

Have the same problem @fire core what is your marketing department says to this now???


Something like, This is a BETA! Wait for the next release…

@davidk.2892 - XBMC  will stream perfectly, if you run a nightly update…

Same here,

must be the software, i have a 200mbts powernet network still jerky.


We will wait


The upcoming Beta6 version will have greatly improved playback and streaming performance.

Keep an eye on our blog for updates.