Jerky motion when scrolling through movie thumbnails

When I scroll vertically through my movie files (movie poster thumbnails) there is a noticeable jerkiness to the movement.

The movement is smooth when scrolling between the top row and the second row of thumbnails. It is also smooth when scrolling between the second to last row and the last row of thumbnails. However, when I scroll between any of the rows in between there is a noticeable two step judder/jerkiness.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I am seeing this on v.4.0.1 as well as 4.0.2. This happens while using the ATV4 remote as well as the iOS Apple Remote app.

I didn’t notice at first, but after reading your comment I checked it with v.4.0.2. And I can confirm your description. The motion is jerky. I hope this can be smoothened out, as it is a bit unfortunate for the overall impression with the user interface.

Confirmed. Same here.

Same here, was just going to post about it, doesnt happen in other apps or on the home screen so definitely an infuse issue.

Looking into this…