Jerks and latencies

New user of Infuse I encounter a jerk problem when playing mkv file
Infuse is installed on my apple tv 4k
The files are stored on a nas synology and so my library goes through the NFS protocol
The same file read via upnp with the software VLC passes without problem and without any saccades nor latencies
Need help please

Welcome to the forum!

Can you check to ensure the Match Content options are enabled on your Apple TV as described here?

Hi James
In fact it wasn’t but i’ve done it.
I’ve not tested if it solve the problem because a change my NFS share for the Plex one to test it and it seemed to me that it alleviated the problem like vith VLC
I will redo an NFS share to test anyway

Ok great.

Depending on your setup, you may have better results with SMB, NFS, or Plex (HTTP).

The upcoming Infuse 6 release will improve streaming in almost all cases, so everything will perform better no matter which option you choose.

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