Jellyfish Hi-Bitrate

Hi ,

you can check hi-bitrate jellyfish demo but it stutter :frowning:

300 or 400mbit ist not working

Other 4k hi-bitrate streaming works perfekt on my synology and i have gbit lan :slight_smile:


I will try this year :wink:

I had test file up to200, but nowim curious can my synology handle 400

The UHD maximum bitrate is 128Mbps, so if you can play the 200Mbps file then you’ll be good.

The most likely reason the 250+ won’t playback smoothly is that they’re Main10 6.1 instead of 5.1, but I got pretty good playback on the 400Mbps if I paused it at the beginning and then let it play after 5 seconds (even though the initial load was long).

200 mbit works but 300 or 400 not good :frowning:
on my old shield tv it works perfect…i think that is maybe a infuse or apple tvos problem.

It also depends on the protocols used and if the ATV and Server are using Ethernet or WIFi (must be 802.11ac - 5Ghz). This is my setup:

ATV 4K ← Ethernet → router used as Ethernet Hub ← Ethernet → MacBook Pro

So basically I get a straight 1Gbps connection between the ATV 4K and the MBP. For webDAV I use:

And this is what I get:

  • Infuse/NFS: It keeps buffering. Max bandwidth about 180-190 Mbps

  • Infuse/WebDAV: It plays with some frame rate drops for few seconds at about 480Mbs. Then it stops for 7-8s (but keeping streaming) and starts again, quite fluid. Then the app webDAV crashes (only with Infuse)

  • Infuse/DLNA (from Plex server): Like with webDAV. But it has a peak of 700-750Mbps

  • Kodi/NFS: it plays but stuttering

  • Plex: It tries to transcode and then the converter crashes. As usual. That app went downhill.

If either the ATV or MBP are on WiFi it’s a continuous buffering with most 4K content.

It’s beyond UHD disc rates. You must really like Jelly Fish videos.

You will not encounter real content with that demanding Bitrate

sorry but thats not true :slight_smile:
sometimes i make professionell movies with a inspire 1 raw camera system and there are bitrates over 200 mbits :slight_smile:
you can see the hi bitrate if you are downloading the original material.

here is marblehead demo with 200 mbit

and ian cresswell movies.