Jellyfin vs Native NFS Support in Infuse


I had been using NFS for 4K Videos of size around 50-60 GB before the last update. Files play out smoothly in Infuse mostly with everything hardwired(gigabit ethernet) but when it comes to 75-90 GB files there is stuttering here and there with NFS. With NFS I get speeds of 70-75 Mbps. But these files play out smooth and neat with the Jellyfin integration in Infuse after the latest update. I don’t experience any stuttering on those videos anymore with speed test fetching me 75-90 Mbps with Jellyfin server. Is it recommended to use NFS over Jellyfin in terms of overhead or is there an explanation of why higher sized 4K videos play better with Jellyfin than native NFS/SMB/FTP on Infuse?


I’m not sure about the differences with Jellyfin but 75Mbps is fairly slow for NFS. Plex has its own file transfer protocol optimized for streaming so it can get significantly faster than NFS, although it may not be necessary. I recommend looking to improve the baseline speed whether it be more Ethernet/less WiFi, new cables, new switch, better router. I use NFS with just HD files and have no problem but always get at least 100Mbps with ac WiFi connected atv.

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In fairness, he’s using bytes not bits. That should be plenty fast to stream 90GB 4k files.

Well if it is really MB then maybe there is an issue with the file itself.

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Its my bad. On speed test in Infuse I get 70-75 Mbps and not MB/s. Editing the post.

I use a Intel NUC with atom processor with gigabit ethernet on the server side

I use CAT 6A cables running to the server and Apple TV 4K directly from the router and no switch

The router I use is pretty basic which might be the culprit here I’m guessing by your suggestions. Its TP-LINK TL-WR940N (450 Mbps). I’m thinking if upgrading to TP-LINK AC1750 would get me better speeds on direct play NFS in Infuse.

Looks like the lan ports on that router are limited to 100Mbps, not gigabit. Sounds like it’s time to get a new router.


Thank you @munpip214. Changing the router did the trick :slight_smile:


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