Jellyfin treats each device as a simultaneous stream, instead of just looking at actual streaming

As the title says, this is messing me up, especially with iCloud sync on. I just bought Pro lifetime with Infuse too. I have multiple devices and now, with JellyFin, it breaks my credentials because it will add the server to all my devices, even though I’m not streaming anything. It took me a while to figure this out (why my creds were breaking each time I logged into Infuse with JellyFin server), but Infuse is counting simultaneous streams as just being logged into a device, even without streaming anything. Can it be changed to do what Plex does, just count the actual streaming instead of the device?

Are you using Library or Direct mode with this server?

Does switching between the different modes make a difference for you?

If you see this again, can you send in a report from your device and post the code here?

I am using Direct mode. I had to turn off iCloud sync. Are you saying it SHOULDN’T do this and only count streaming as an active device?

I believe this is actually expected behavior for Jellyfin, as the setting is specifically listed as “Maximum number of simultaneous user sessions” whereas the setting in Emby is listed as “Max simultaneous video streams”.

This means if you set this to something other than 0, you may have issues when using Infuse to connect on multiple devices - as Jellyfin is applying the limit to all connections, whether it is actual video playback or just browsing.

I believe a change here would need to come from Jellyfin, and I found this thread where a user reported similar behavior and suggested the addition of a dedicated stream limit option.