Jellyfin Streaming Cache AppleTV 2021 4K

I have an issue using the latest infuse 7.0.8 and Jellyfin 10.7.6 on a NAS and the jellyfin infuse plugin.

If i have Streaming Cache in infuse set to Auto, when i Forward or Rewind, it seems to take an age to do anything and pause in the process.

If i have the Streaming Cache in infuse set to Legacy, the speed is instant with FF and RW.

On a speedtest using the jellyfin share the speed is 550Mbps, so it seems more than quick enough for any file, and all files im testing are no more than 3GB and 1080p

If legacy is working I’d say just leave it there.

The Auto may be trying to keep the SMB to the 3 protocol and some cases the added security checking on 3 will cause problems.

Also with legacy the video won’t try to buffer the entire video as fast as it can, instead it will only buffer a short period ahead which will keep some servers from spinning down their drives which has been known to cause pauses.

You can also try changing Auto to “2” which will then try to buffer more but use the level 2 SMB instead of 3 that may be causing the problem.

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