Jellyfin Smart Groups 1080p getting misreported

Samples received, and this is on our list to investigate. Thanks.

Any update on this issue? I run both Plex and Jellyfin. I Prefer to use Jellyfin with Infuse as it doesn’t sync forever like Plex and infuse does. The 4K and 1080p tagging issue With Jellyfin is annoying, however.

No luck reproducing this here with Infuse 7.6.6 and Jellyfin 10.8.13 (100% default settings, aside the added InfuseSync plugin). Resolutions for both files appear to get reported correctly, and if viewed in Infuse’s Library they are grouped together with the correct tags. Resolutions are correct when browsing directly as well, just no grouping.

I wonder if it’s related to some stale cached info on the Jellyfin server that Infuse is picking up on?

Hi, I have the exact same issue as @techbrian unfortunately. I have also deleted the server from my clients but with no afail. One thing I did find is renaming a movie’s title (on the server) with a extra space triggering a recheck of some sort. The movie is than correctly taged with 1080p.

Following this thread in hopes for a solution.