Jellyfin playlists display limitation in infuse

I’m wondering if someone have also noticed the issue below :

Big jellyfin playlists are only displaying 30 items in infuse.

When a playlist guet bigger than 30 items, it si not editable anymore in infuse.

The workaround in infuse, is to go to « files / jellyfin / playlists » and there you can see the playlist with all its items. But the playlist is not editable.

When I keep the playlist under 30 items i keep the editability of the playlist (in infuse or in jellyfin).

Is it a known limitation or a bug ?

Have you tried adding it as a Favorite instead of a List? I believe all lists on the home screen have a 30 item limit and usually the last item is a “See All” button.

Yes i tried to add the list as favorite to the home screen. But the 30 item is stil there.

And when i click on « see all » i have only 30 items on the screen.

Have you tried adding it as a Favorite instead of a list?

hello everyone, sorry to revive an old topic, but this also happened to me, the playlists with jellyfin, it only shows 30 on the main screen, is it the general limit or does it only happen with jellyfin?