Jellyfin multiple accounts targeting same server support

Hello team,

First of all, thanks a lot for Emby and Jellyfin support. The integration is neat!

I have an issue while trying to add several Jellyfin accounts that target the same Jellyfin server. The idea is that we have several users at home - let’s say A and B to keep it simple, and I add the same Jellyfin server twice: one with credentials for A and one for B.

For some reason, when I add B, I am unable to use A afterwards. The message I have is the following: “Access token is no longer valid. To access your share, please sign-in again”.

If I edit A share and save it, then A works again, but the issue will occur on B.

So it looks like the use case where I want to add several accounts on the same Jellyfin server in Infuse does not work. Only one seems to be correctly signed in at the time - the latest that was saved.

I managed to reproduce the issue both on iOS/tvOS.

By the way, iCloud sync is on, though I am not sure it would make a difference.

Is this scenario supposed to be supported? If not, any idea of a workaround?
Anyone else facing the same behavior?


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I don’t believe infuse supports multi-user.

I don’t mean multi-user as per infuse user account. What I mean is having two Jellyfin “multimedia shares”, the same way you could have two SMB shares or whatever shares you have. As far as I know, having several SMB or FTP shares is completely supported.

So multi server then? For instance you have your server running at home and also want to add one at another location?

Yes this is what I meant.

Although in the case I raised earlier, my goal would be to add two Jellyfin servers that are actually the same, but with different credentials.

What I tried is the following:

  • Add server with IP and credentials A
  • Add same server with IP and credentials B

I also tried:

  • Add server with IP and credentials A
  • Add same server but with hostname and credentials B

In both cases I face the token issue mentioned earlier on the first account I add.

As the second scenario also fails, it probably means:

  • Either Jellyfin server does not support multiple simultaneous connections from the same client with different credentials.
  • Or Infuse does not handle correctly multiple Jellyfin servers at the same time. Given the failure of the second scenario, it would mean that the two servers could indeed be different (one at home, one online).

So I would like to clarify if this is a Jellyfin server limitation, an infuse limitation or an infuse bug.

So I did a quick test using the official Jellyfin app on iOS and the same issue also occurs.

In the official app, if you add two “servers” that are actually the same but with two different accounts, once you login on the second account, you are disconnected from the first one and vice versa.

So it seems that this is the way it works with Jellyfin.

In case other users are looking for the same setup: it seems that as per Jellyfin design, once you log yourself on an account, it seems that you get logged out of other accounts on the same device/app.
So there is basically no way to be logged on the same Jellyfin server with two accounts at the same time.

I managed to kinda achieve what I would like to do by setting two Jellyfin servers on my NAS. Thanks to docker, this is easy.
That way, I am able to be connected with two different accounts at the same time with Infuse.
Of course, it means two servers, two databases and so on, but it works.

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Infuse does have multi user support on the timeline for plex. Hopefully when they do plex multiuser they also add emby/jellyfin support.

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