Jellyfin Merge Continue Watching and Up Next

I recently moved from Plex to Jellyfin and I noticed that next up episodes are displayed differently for a Jellyfin server.
With a Plex server Infuse’s Up Next top section is populated from the Queue, which contains both “next up” episodes and currently watching episodes, and they’re displayed as episode cards, with background, season and episode name.
With Jellyfin, however, it seems like only the Continue Watching list is used to populate Infuse’s Up Next top section, and all other “Up Next” episodes are displayed in a separate “On Deck” section with the show’s poster view, rather than the episode card.
Would it be possible to display both Continue Watching and Up Next episodes in the Up Next section of Infuse, similarly to how it works for a Plex server?


Please FireCore, please fix what Jellyfin can’t seem to.
I too just moved from Plex and am not pleased with how it works in this regard.