Jellyfin Libraries and new content problem

I have a Jellyfin server with several jellyfin-libraries: Movies, TV Shows, Kids Movies, Kids TV Shows etc.

Infuse is set to include ‘Movies’ and ‘TV Shows’ as part of the infuse-Library, and ‘Kids Movies’ etc. are just infuse-Favourites so the content is kept separate. So far so good.

With the most recent update, the Movies section of the infuse-library is now showing Collections that relate to content in ‘Kids Movies’ (which should be excluded from the infuse-library). Previously, only Collections that related to content in the infuse-library were showing on that screen.

The result is that any kids content which is part of a Collection is pulled into the infuse-library, even though it should be excluded.

Collections within the Favourites are still behaving as expected.

Hope that’s clear - it’s a bit confusing because Jellyfin and Infuse each use the word ‘Library’ to mean something slightly different. haha


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Can you check to ensure you’re running the latest version of the InfuseSync plugin (1.4.1) on your Jellyfin server? Sometimes a restart is required after updating.

If that doesn’t help, would you mind sending in a quick report from your device so we can look into this?

Thanks for the quick reply. On a hunch, I tried deleting the Jellyfin share and then re-adding it. It took a few minutes to rescan the library, but once it has it’s now showing collections in the usual way. Something must have glitched - but all up and running again now.

I’ve just sent the log in case you want to look at it… but they might not show anything useful since the problem’s resolved now. E9TE2.

Anyway, thanks for your help :grinning:


Hi James

I think this problem might still be happening - but I misunderstood exactly what was going on. I’ve recently added a couple of films to my ‘Kids Movies’ jellyfin-library, and these are showing up in in the infuse-library and infuse-‘Recently Added Movies’ list.

It seems that when new content is added to any jellyfin-library, infuse is including it in infuse-library - even if it shouldn’t… (The reason I noticed all the collections appear previously is because they’d been recreated by a jellyfin plugin I’d installed, so must have appeared to Infuse or InfuseSync as new content. That was a red herring, and subsequent problems are unconnected to Collections.)

I unticked the Movies jellyfin-library in settings so that Movies went down to 0 in the infuse-library, and then reticked it. That corrected things, and only the correct content is showing in the infuse-library.

I then added a new movie to the Kids Movies jellyfin-library, and refreshed Infuse… and the new movie is showing (incorrectly) in the Infuse-library and infuse-‘Recently added movies’.

Diagnostics before adding a new kids movie: 72J5W
Diagnostics after adding a new kids movie: 9QHG3

There’s the work around of clearing the infuse-library etc, which solves the problem temporarily. But it’s a bit of an inconvenience to have to do that every time new content is added for the kids.

Can you check to see which version of InfuseSync you have installed on your Jellfyin server?

I have InfuseSync

Hi James. Just wondered if you’d had any ideas about how to fix this? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @james. Is there any more info I can send to help troubleshoot this? Thanks

This is still an issue with Infuse 7.4, Jellyfin 10.8.0, and InfuseSync

Me again. I’ve been keeping Infuse up to date, but this issue is still present.


I feel like a bit of a douche keeping bumping this thread. But I’m still having to manually clear my metadata once or twice a week to overcome this issue. Will it ever be looked into? Or is it a lost cause? :slightly_frowning_face:

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Our guy might be overworked. :confused:

Are you using multiple users on this Jellyfin server? Can you check to ensure you are connecting with the correct user?

Libraries can be selected/deselected for inclusion in Infuse’s library in Settings > Library. You can also browse specific libraries directly by adding them as a Favorite on the Home Screen or navigating through the Purple Jellyfin icon (also on the Home Screen).

Also, if you haven’t updated yet I would recommend running Jellyfin 10.8.8, Infuse 7.4.10, and InfuseSync 1.4.2.

Jellyfin 10.8.9
Infuse Sync
Infuse 7.4.10 (4329)

Added a new movie to my ‘Kids Movies’ jellyfin-library.

Expected behaviour: The movie should only be accessible via the ‘Kids Movies’ favourite in Infuse.

What happens: The movie is visible in the Movie section of the infuse-library despite Kids Movies not being part of the infuse-library (see screenshot below). It also shows up in ‘Recently Added Films’ on the home screen.

Work around: To remove the newly added movie from the infuse-library, I have to Clear All Metadata from the settings menu, and let Infuse index everything from scratch. I need to do this every time I add an item to a jellyfin-library that isn’t ticked for the infuse-library - movies and tv-shows alike.

Diagnostics code: TTETB

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Is there any other info you need from me?