Jellyfin Indexing Failed


I have been running into this issue for a few months now. I won’t use Infuse for a few days, and then when it gathers updates from my Jellyfin Server, it says “indexing failed for Jellyfin”. If I remove the Jellyfin share and re-add it, it will work perfectly. If I close the app and re-enter again it will all work normally. I have 2 Apple TVs, one a 2nd gen 4k and the other a 1st gen 4k, both giving me the same errors.

The problem is if I don’t use the app for a few days it goes right back to showing this error. I’m up to date on all my software. Jellyfin 10.7.7, InfuseSync Plugin, Infuse 7.3.10.

I have submitted my Diagnostic Log with the code 493B3.