Jellyfin DLNA support in the infuse app

Hi y’all, just joined and happy to be here. My question is can I stream from the jellyfin server under dlna/upnp cause I’ve tried it but I don’t know if it’s what I’m streaming through. Here’s what I’ve noticed even if I uncheck the dlna server box in jellyfin settings, here in the infuse app when I click add shares jellyfin pops up, I connect to it stream etc etc now when I check the dlna box turning it on and then going to infuse app add shares still yet Again jellyfin pops up.
So I think they removed support for jellyfin’s dlna or I’m I missing something?!

Is there a specific reason you are looking to use DLNA instead of the native integration?

DLNA was available in the past (at least for Plex) and provided a much more limited integration compared to connecting natively, as things like watched history and progress would not be available.

The reason I would like to use dlna is to avoid transcoding wherever possible take the load off the cpu, just that nothing else.

Infuse doesn’t transcode at all. It plays what you have. :wink:

Correct. No matter what connection type you use, Infuse will put minimal load on the server as it handles all playback duties in the app. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the clarity really helped me out here. One could finally say inner peace :sweat_smile:. Anywho, thanks!

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