Jellyfin and indexing / syncing


Thank you for providing native support for Jellyfin media servers.

I have issues when I add new content to my Jellyfin library. Even though it immediately appears on the Jellyfin web interface, when I open Infuse the new content is not there. I can only use it if I manually go to File tab, and choose the Jellyfin media server.

It magically appears in the library a few days later (don’t know the exact time but can check it if that helps). I assume it has something to do with caching and InfuseSync plugin? Same happens to all Infuse apps (iOS, tvOS, macOS alpha)

Information about my configuration:
Infuse: 6.6.1 (and macOS version alpha-10)
Jellyfin: 10.6.4 runing on a Raspberry Pi 4B

Thanks for the great app.

What type of videos are these? Movies, TV shows, DVR recordings, etc…

Does the new video appear if you trigger a scan manually in Infuse? (refresh icon on Home Screen)

If this happens again, please send in a report from the Apple TV (Infuse > Settings > Submit Diagnostics). Just post the 5 digit code here and the file name which was added (or you can PM me).

Hello James

This are Movies and TV shows. I configured two separate libraries (one for each) on the same instance of Jellyfin.

It does not appear when I do manual scan on Infuse (have tried that multiple times).

I am sending you the info on PM.

Thank you for your help in advance

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