Jellyfin and indexing / syncing


Thank you for providing native support for Jellyfin media servers.

I have issues when I add new content to my Jellyfin library. Even though it immediately appears on the Jellyfin web interface, when I open Infuse the new content is not there. I can only use it if I manually go to File tab, and choose the Jellyfin media server.

It magically appears in the library a few days later (don’t know the exact time but can check it if that helps). I assume it has something to do with caching and InfuseSync plugin? Same happens to all Infuse apps (iOS, tvOS, macOS alpha)

Information about my configuration:
Infuse: 6.6.1 (and macOS version alpha-10)
Jellyfin: 10.6.4 runing on a Raspberry Pi 4B

Thanks for the great app.

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What type of videos are these? Movies, TV shows, DVR recordings, etc…

Does the new video appear if you trigger a scan manually in Infuse? (refresh icon on Home Screen)

If this happens again, please send in a report from the Apple TV (Infuse > Settings > Submit Diagnostics). Just post the 5 digit code here and the file name which was added (or you can PM me).

Hello James

This are Movies and TV shows. I configured two separate libraries (one for each) on the same instance of Jellyfin.

It does not appear when I do manual scan on Infuse (have tried that multiple times).

I am sending you the info on PM.

Thank you for your help in advance

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Hello James

Any update on this? I keep testing every new Infuse and Jellyfin version but the issue is still there.

Changing the InfuseSync setting “Delete unused cache data after days” to 1 didn’t help either.
However, I realised that if I click at “Settings > General > Metadata” and clear them, the new movies do appear.

Tested on:
Infuse: 7.0.3 (iOS, tvOS and macOS versions)
Jellyfin: 10.7.5 runing on a Raspberry Pi 4B

Thank you

Hi @james, is there any update on this, because it’s been months at this point, and neither this or the Github issue I’ve made have attracted any response

We’re currently working on a number of improvements for Emby/Jellyfin for the next few releases.


Thank you James. Please let me know if you need any help with testing or providing more info about the issue.

that’s good to hear. hopefully y’all will be able to fix it. lmk if you need a beta tester for it or anything

I confirm that the issue is fixed for me with the latest version (7.3). Thanks a lot.

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