Jellyfin adds Trickplay feature in version 10.9

Trickplay can generate timeline thumbnails in advance.
Although Infuse can already view thumbnails when fast forwarding,Can better performance be achieved if Trickplay is supported?

Sorry for my bad english.


Since Infuse can already do this on-the-fly there won’t be much of a benefit to supporting the pre-generated thumbnail images created by Jellyfin.

Plex has had something similar for quite some time, and in general it takes a long time to process and generate the images - not to mention the storage space required for keeping them on the server.

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Understood, Thanks James

Thanks James.

Space is not big really (~4-5mb), basically breaks some of the movie frames into small thumbnais and adds them into a bigger image file. I agree with time needed to compute it though.

However, just tested this in the web version of Jellyfin and is very smooth. Infuse works well as long as the movie is pre-fetched, which works when FFing, but not when seeking a different moment in the movie.

I suggest you consider this in future versions. Just a friendly suggestion :). Many thanks.