Jean-Claude.Van.Johnson :)

You have a bug with new TV series Jean-Claude.Van.Johnson :slight_smile: TV show only works properly (Folders(season 1), files, and fetching data) if the file name is without Jean-Claude :), you’ve been lucky this was not Chuck-Norris.Van.Johnson :slight_smile: before you fix naming error using - :slight_smile:

My episodes are named

Jean.Claude.Van.Johnson.S01E01.1080p WEB-DL.failed.mkv

etc, and all works fine - the parent show folder is actually named Jean-Claude Van Johnson, seems fine.

Infuse doesn’t play well with hyphens or dashes in the file names. This is an know issue and being worked on.

yes this filename doesn’t work. i’m not using dash

this one works

i hope infuse fix it

This should work in the current version (no dash or dot between Jean and Claude).


It’s something we still hope to improve in an upcoming version.