JB works until the power gets reconnected - ATV 2

All SW up to date, JB works great while power and DHI connected. I am able to install Apps under Maintenance; however, every time I unplug the Apple TV 2 to move it into the Bedroom it won’t boot and I need to re-JB and ATVFlash again. So works great providing I leave the powrer source connected after JB and ATVFlash

Do the AppleTV 2 have a battery memory that could be dead?




The current 5.3 jailbreak is a “tethered” jailbreak which means you need to connect the ATV to your computer to completed the tethered boot process whenever the ATV loses power or is reset. This means that the ATV must be in the final location when you perform this tethered boot process which makes it a problem if your computer is located in another room.

Note that you do not need to completely re-jailbrake the ATV, just perform the tethered boot part of the process.

Thx so much for confirming (that I’m not crazy) as I tried JB (tethered) several times. I guess I move the Mac into the Bedroom to JB.