JB ATV2 with 4.4.4 installed - after apple stopped signing

Should work with any version… just replace 4.4.4 with your jailbreakable version.

Tools Needed:

AppleTV2,1_4.4.4_9A406a_Restore.ipsw - or alternate ipsw version

Seas0nPass_444.zip - - Seas0nPass_444.zip(backup)


Total Commader

Dirty Little Video… less than 3 minutes to do, once you have your ifiath and seas0npass ipsw


  1. Use IFAITH to "dump shsh blobs" from your official ipsw atv2. disconnect it for now.
  2. Use IFAITH to "build signed ipsw w blobs" (with device still unpluged). BUT DO NOT USE IT to jailbreak. Let it sit down on your desktop.
  3. Use SEAS0NPASS (version, new version will not work) to build custom firmware -right mouse click on ''create ipsw'' and choose your version -(with device still unplugged) BUT DO NOT USE IT to jailbreak. Let it sit down in yours My documents>seasonpass
  4. Download and install TOTALCOMMANDER(wincmd)
  5. Create new folder on desktop
  6. Drag SEAS0NPASS custom ipsw firmware onto TOTALCOMMANDER icon . You shoud see now files of all ipsw file in left side.
  7. In right side of TOTALCOMMANDER navigate to empty folder which you just created.
  8. Mark the only 2 dmg files from left side and drag them to right side, let it extract to that empty folder. (will take a bit)
  9. After extract close total comander.
  10. Drag now IFAITH signed firmware from desktop onto TOTALCOMMANDER icon.
  11. On the left side you should see IFAITH ipsw files,on the right side 2 files extracted in step8.
  12. Mark those 2 files on the right and drag them to left side to IFAITH signed ipsw. Let it overwrite.
  13. After all is done close total comander.
  14. You have now IFAITH firmware ipsw file on your desktop with signed blobs and SEAS0NPASS custom ipsw inside.
  15. Connect your ATV2 to PC , use iReb to enter DFU mode.
  16. After you are in dfu open itunes , press SHIFT +restore and navigate to file on your desktop called as 00000xxxxx_IFAITH_Apple_TV_2-4.4.49A406a_signed.ipsw
  17. Itunes will finish the job , use atv flash and you are done:)

credits to ormanton





If all else fails… try https://rapidshare.com/files/1810177006/sn0wbreeze-v2.9.3.zip   – i suggest this method… now… :stuck_out_tongue:

As i have said in the previous post at step 2 i download the fresh ipsw but it saves to the iFaith folder within the C drive and it is called AppleTV2,1_4.4.4_9A406a_Restore?? Help

Thanks alot but in step2 we have to choose the SP ipsw or the Original 4.4.4?or choose download it for me.thats my concern thanks again



thanks…hope u can save my life heheh

i’ll post images. see if that helps.


I’m still not getting the file name in step 16!?



it will be the same file which you got in step 2 but already modified.

Hi there,


Can someone please tell me where I can get older seasonpass from to make this work.


Thank you

Any link to download Seas0npass version thanks



Thank you

Thanks alot bud

step 4 to 9 seems a bit challenge for me…cause i never use total commander before…cross my finger…heheh

your a star m8, thanx Done Can confirm jb done just installing nitotv and Xbmc , dont expect any issues  :slight_smile:

U R welcome, enjoy O:)

Well done baby ur master…hehehe just wonder i have 3 ATV2 now…already done for 1 if i want to do for another one can i start at any step or i have to delete everything on desktop and C: Ifaith also? thanks

start from step 1, as you need unique shsh blobs for each atv .

thanks how ab the C:ifaith do i have to delete also?

I am still not getting the file name at step 16? what am I doing wrong?

if you had file after step 2, you will have it after step16 the same but modified. it will be the same file with injected 2 dmg files from seasonpass. read&do don’t think :slight_smile: